Ba Business Degree

Attaining your college degree online has become a popular option for many people. A large number of people have not had a chance to attend a traditional college or university but seek the increased earning potential and career advancement that a Bachelor Degree affords. Still others might have a degree in one discipline but would like to pursue something they now have an interest in. But just how much does getting an online degree costc In this article I will answer some of your questions.

Bachelor Degrees

Most professional fields consider the Bachelor Degree as the entry level standard. While Associate Degrees are a great way to start, completing your Bachelors opens up many doors to various careers. There are numerous online Bachelor Degree Programs available including from such institutions as The University of Phoenix, Intercontinental University Online and Kaplan among others. In addition many brick and mortar institutions offer Online versions of their degrees but usually for a substantially higher fee than the companies that specialize in online degree programs.

Fees for these online degree specialists tend to be a great value, for example a full Bachelors Degree in Communication from The University of Phoenix Online which consists of 60 credits at 5/credit or ,900. Another example is American Intercontinental University Online which offers a Bachelors of Business Administration with a total course requirement of 180 units and a cost of ,560. Finally, another widely respected program, the Kaplan University offers a 6/credit fee for their BS in Communications which would run approximately ,000 for the 180 credits they require.

These prices compare favorably with a typical bricks and mortar education but allow the flexibility that only an online degree can offer. There are Online Bachelor Degrees that run from as little as 00 to as much as 0,000 and more. It really all depends on what caliber of program you are willing to pay for and how much a famous name is to have on your resume.

Masters and Beyond

Once you attain a Bachelors Degree you might consider a Masters in a subject in which you want to specialize. Masters Degrees are a cost effective way to boost your career and earnings power above what you could obtain with only a college degree. Although typical per credit costs tend to run higher in Online Masters Programs, the degree requirements are for fewer credits so the total cost may be less. As an example The University of Phoenix charges 5/credit hour for their Masters Programs compared to 0 less for the Bachelors level.

As another example Devrys Keller School of Management offers a per course charge of 00 with a total of 10 required courses plus 18 credits of electives. Total cost of an MBA through the Keller School would come in around ,000. Quite a bargain compared to brick and mortar in-class schools which could run three times that amount. For those seeking to take their education to the limit there are even Doctorate level degrees available for prices comparable to Masters Programs. For more great information and links please visit

Also, please visit for great info and links to Masters Programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it easy to find a job with a BA degree in Business Admin nowadays ?
    I'm planning to pursue a degree in Business Admin Human Resource. However, I'm worry that this degree is more toward "knowledge" rather then helping you getting a decent job to support yourself.

    So my question is, would you really advice to pursue a BA in Business Admin Human Resources ?

    • ANSWER:
      No. A bachelors degree is USELESS these days. You would need an MBA to qualify for any job that will pay over ,000 per year. Getting a degree is necessary to get a job, but only having a BA will get you nowhere. You need to be competitive. Without an MBA, you're not valuable to anyone willing to pay you enough to support yourself and a family.

    I have a BA Business degree, how long would it take to become an accountant?
    Degree was 4 year sandwich course, gained a 2:2.

    I have been told it would speed up some processes involved in becoming an accountant, any knowledge here would be great!
    for those unfamiliar with the term, a 'sandwich course' involves an industrial placement usually for a year.
    Questioned aimed at the UK 'scene'

    • ANSWER:
      You don't say what sort of accountant you want to be.
      Assuming you wish to be a chartered accountant you need to apply to firms of chartered accountants who are registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) or Scotland or Ireland in order to obtain a training contract. You will then work for them while you study and train, they will have to pay for your exams/courses and give you study leave. Salary will be I guess around 12-15k. If you pass all exams 1st sitting you will qualify in 3 years. You may be exempted from some exams depending on the exact content of your degree.
      There are other bodies which train accountants notably ACCA, CIMA and CIPFA. Look on their websites about whats involved. Depending on your ultimate carrer choice may well impact on which qualification it would be best to go for eg CIPFA in public sector, ICAEW/ACCA in practice or CIMA/ACCA in industry.
      I know most about ICAEW as I work for a firm that trains them but it is not necessarily the best qualification for you.

    I live in Greenville, SC and want to get a BA degree in business management - What school options do I have?
    I'll be getting my AAS degree in business systems administration from ECPI in November, and I'd like to get a BA degree in business management after that. The only thing I can find is online courses, and I don't want to do online college. Does anyone know what colleges are around here that offer that degree?

    Clemson would be great, but it's over 40 miles away.

    • ANSWER:
      How about Clemson?

    What do I need (certificates, BA degree, business license) to open an online editing business?
    I'm going to school to get a B of A degree but I'm wondering what I need to have for an online editing service.

    • ANSWER:
      You don't need a degree. Just some good clients.

    BA Business Degree from NY to Canada?
    I'm from NY & I was wondering can i use my BA business degree in Canada
    if i plan to move?Do i need to transfer my degree or something?

    • ANSWER: for general information

      Look at skilled worker class

    I am about to get my Bachelors degree in General Business. Can I even get a decent job with a BA in business?
    I've looked around and it doesn't seem like I can even use a BA degree in business. Am I wrong or right?

    • ANSWER:
      I've always been told that as long as you show your commitment by having a bachelor's, it doesn't so much matter what your major was. My dad majored in Geography in 1980 and now he's a VP of Alcatel. Big businessman, no graduate degree. The problem is, I don't know if standards have changed since then. It could be much more competitive, but you're major was business, so I think you'll be fine.

    Recommend for College/university in Sydney to study for BA degree in Business management?
    I have just finished ABE's advanced diploma in business management(, now I am looking for a place to get my BA degree in Sydney-Australia.

    I am looking forward to receiving advice of good schools in Sydney, if any school I can could do BA degree in marketing is the best.


    • ANSWER:
      I don't know off hand, but have you tried a Google search for Uni's in Aust. it may came up with something for you.

    What engineering careers can I start with a Business degree (BA)?

    • ANSWER:
      Planning could be possible after gaining enough experience, or procurement with projects

    Am I right to think that a BA degree in Business & Management is enough to then get a job in management?
    I’ve given 3 years of my life to researching and analysing business and management at college. Am I right to believe I now have enough skills and knowledge to get a management job in business soon after I graduate?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends what you are managing. If you want to manage people, you probably need to get some experience and work your way up. Good luck to you.

    Is a BA degree of Business Management from New York Institute of Technology worth it?
    I'm asking this question because many people have told me that NYIT is not considered the same standard as a university. Is this true? So are my past semesters worthless?

    • ANSWER:
      New York Institute of Technology is not accredited. The basic accreditation for a college or university is called regional accreditation. Almost every college you have heard of from Harvard to community colleges have this accreditation.

      A lower form of accreditation is national accreditation. These (usually for-profit) colleges are not respected and you usually cannot transfer their credits to a regionally accredited university or use their degrees to get to grad school. Many employers throw away resumes that list these colleges.

      NYIT is non accredited. No one will take their credits and their degrees are of little use. Sorry.

    Which industries will you recommend a BA degree in Business & Management student should go for?
    And which position you suggest for a graduate student should apply?

    • ANSWER:
      If you're a student your issues can be many and varied, from Evaluating your career route to finding a temporary job. You can earn extra cash part time just like me, check out the site in the box below, it tells you more about a company sponsored by Tom Boswell of Happy Days. (Howard Cunningham)

    Did A BA (Hons) Business Managment degree but only got the BA (Pass).How difficult would it be to find work?
    i really need to start somewhere and i know the competition is big, is it totally hopeless for me to look for a job with just a BA In Business Managment? At the moment it seem accounts/ apprencticeships have high requirements. Could anyone recommend a short course i coudl do that would boost my c.v from my dismal BA so that it woukd look better and improve my chances?

    • ANSWER:
      Really unlikely to get work
      Employers are looking for naturally talented people not uni programmed sorts
      You know the sort that did what you trained for way back before you started "studying"
      Uni is extended school for the also rans
      Your'e best bet...start a porn cam site !

    Is studying an MS in Project Management degree a good supplement to a BA in Business Economics degree?
    Can studying a MS in Project Management be a good addition to a BA in Business Economics. Or do you think a MS in Industrial Management would be better served?

    What can you do with a MS in Project Management? Is it good for a career in Supply Chain Management or Sales?

    • ANSWER:

    Study to be an Electrician or continue towards a BA Business Degree???
    Which do you see as being more rewarding? Why? Your oppinion would be appreciated....

    • ANSWER:
      Go for some kind of useful business degree,and when you get it,put it to good use.
      i'm an electrician(28 yrs) it involves physical work and relatively poor pay,although I always manage to get by.
      Get up the ladder in busines/finance-you'll be laughing.

    Can I have the education to start my own business with a BA degree in management?
    I plan to go to college and take up business management. I wanna know with that same degree will I have the education and experience to start my own business taking management

    • ANSWER:

    Is DeVry a good school to get a business degree?
    I am thinking about obtaining a BA business degree with a major in small business managment and entrepreneurship. Does anyone have any personal bad experiences with them? Are they as good as any state or UC school? Is it worth the money in your opinion?

    • ANSWER:
      WOW,My brother graduaged with a (AS) degree from DeVry he is making a decent amount working on electronics.He was happy with the school over all but the cash money was not worth it 4,000g every 5-6months is not worth it.They are great but if you use loans you will be in debt about 267,000g after your finsh e-mail me i can give you more info.

    Getting a business/finance job without an undegraduate degree in business, but a BA in a social science?
    Is it possible to get a job at a business firm, even entry without a business degree.

    You see I will graduate with a communication degree. My university does not have a business program.

    I will attend an MBA program after a few years of work. But having a business job with a Social Science degree possible?


    • ANSWER:
      If the social science degree is economics then sure, if it is something else then it will be an uphill battle. I doubt you could get anything worthwhile in finance with a comm degree and no internship experience.

    What can i do with my BA in business management degree?
    I was a construction office manager for 2 years.

    I was a manager of a small nonprofit youth group for 8 years.

    What type of salary & position can i expect?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to and look up jobs in your area. I will guarantee that there are jobs out there that you can get. There are a lot of businesses that would love to have someone like you with your experience and education level. I know this for a fact I have been looking for a job now for 4 months and if I had your resume I would have had one by now. It depends upon where you live. Here in Kentucky you could make about 40 to 50 a year I think with certain companies. That is not bad money for here I mean the average starting salary for a new heir is from 30 to 40, in some cases as low as 25,000 a year. So you could make enough to live on and have a nice life. I would go and put your resume up on it can't hurt any and you maybe very happy with the results you get. It's at lest worth a try. Oh and never put how much you expect to get payed, remember always say that is negotiable. That way they wont try to under pay you for your experience. Good luck!! =)

    what can i do with my BA in business management degree?
    I was a construction office manager for 2 years.

    I was a manager of a small nonprofit youth group for 8 years.

    What type of salary & position can i expect?

    • ANSWER:
      . You have a BA in Business? You sure it's not a BS? Well, I don't suppose it makes any difference. You should be able to get an asst. mgr position starting at ,000 or so.

    What is the best way to become a software engineer/developer if I have a BA degree in business?
    I'm seeking for a little advice, because I want to change my career path way, but my current education is based on BA business with ICT (arts type) degree, but I want to continue to study in completely different field. I always liked programming, html, flash and other web technologies and I was always interested in computing. Most universities allow to do masters degree in this field only if you have previous science degree, but I don't want to do another BA science degree all over again in order to get masters science degree. Also there will be a lo of information, which I already know from my current studies.

    I can study throughout all Europe (UK, Germany, Denmark.... ) as long as course is based on English language. Maybe you was in the same situation and have a good advice for me? Or you know good universities, which have masters programmes for people in the same situation like me? Also I found that Edinburgh Napier has few masters programmes, which are based on basic previous knowledge. Maybe you can advice me if this programmes is any good? Or maybe I'm too much stigmatizing university education, are there any other well recognised by IT industry education options?

    Thanks in Advance,

    • ANSWER:
      Well technically you can enroll as an unclassified student and just take the undergrad computer science courses you need. Unfortunately, unclassified students are given the last chance to register and since courses run so full these days, it may be next to impossible to get any seats.

      Hence, the best way is to go back and be registered as a student in a second bachelor's program.

      Overall it sounds to me you're looking for a shortcut so as not to complete the necessary undergrad courses yet still want to go to a grad school in computer science. Doesn't work that way.

    Can someone help me on my BA Business Management Degree Research?
    Does anyone know anything about:-

    1) Information about tour operator legislation
    2) Consumer Protection Act
    3) Travel Package Act?
    4) Breach of Contract?
    5) Motivational Strategies
    6) Reward Strategy?
    7) Creativity for problem solving? E.g. mind maps, brainstorming etc
    Can I see what you wrote for 2 3 and 4 please x

    • ANSWER:
      try business balls for some motivational and rewards strategies along with creative problem solving technics, I have used it myself.
      for 2, 3 and 4 try just putting that in google as you will need the specific legislation.

    Business BA degree from University of Phoenix worth it? Do employers consider 'online degrees' low blow?
    I have attended Arizona State University for 2.5 yrs, but now i work full time & it's hard to do both work & full time. Therefore I was wondering about online classes (Univerity of Phx). I've read questions & comments regarding University of Phoenix as not being worth it (cost more than it's worth too). But I read the UofPhx is accredited university. Do employers take that in consideration?

    • ANSWER:
      They are great... if they are regionally accredited. Some are not and are academically meaningless such as Almeda, Kennedy Western, Warren National.

      That being said, UOP is accredited, which is critical. However, they are very expensive compared to others. Look at the Penn State online program instead for a better name and a better price.

      To gain regional accreditation, these programs have to have "highly qualified" faculty, primarilly with doctorates, which they do. There degrees will qualify you for employment for any organization with a competent HR department.

      So Step one in your research is to verify that the university you are looking at is REGIONALLY ACCREDITED. You can verify the accreditation here:

      Also, an HR department will accept your degree if you are qualified for the position. There are some old dinosaurs out there that are fearful of technology and online degrees, but not many

    Help! College/university in Sydney to study for BA degree in Business management?
    I have just finished ABE's advanced diploma in business management( now I am looking for a place to get my BA degree in Sydney-Australia.

    I am looking forward to receiving advice of good schools in Sydney, if any school I can could do BA degree in marketing is the best.


    • ANSWER:
      Check out the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney.

      Visit their websites
      Take a look at their admissions requirements
      Gather the admissions requirements for your BA degree

      Good luck!

      For information about scholarships, check out this directory:

      Also, take a look at this article about Australia, places to visit, culture, food, visas and more:

    What is the different between BS/BA degree on Business Admin?
    Thanks for your answers = )

    • ANSWER:
      BS = Bachelor of Science
      BA = Bachelor of Arts.

      BS is usually reserved for math, physics, chem, bio, geology, astonomy. BA is dedicated to music, English, history, philosophy, drama, visual arts, communication, sociology, anthropology, and religion.

      Occasionally you stumble into a program that's BS in some places and BA in others; most typical of those is psychology.

      Business administration seems more an art then a science to me--especially considering that, of corporate executives, fewer than 50% hold business degrees, it's obvious that the program is neither essential nor superlative in preparing people for its profession. But any college is free to call it a science if they feel like it, of course at the risk of making me turn up my nose at them for not knowing what "science" really is :-)

    Isn't a business degree usually a Bsc rather than BA (looking at a business & marketing degree & it says a BA)?
    It says the same for their Business & Management degree and their Business & Accounting degree - all BA's rather than Bsc's. It doesn't really matter, just wondering. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Most nonscientific degrees are Bachelor of Arts as oppose to Bachelor of Science.

    What could be the best choice for a 49 year old man to do, to get a BA degree or begin his own business?
    Considering that he can get the Bachelor's degree in two years and for a business he will have to begin with and idea about what kind of business to do.
    This is also to be done besides his regular work and with the purpose of acquaring a more secure financial future.

    • ANSWER:
      The only thing...and I mean the ONLY thing... a degree is useful for, is to someday get a paycheck from somebody else who owns there own business. ..and trust me...there is no such thing as a "more secure financial future" when you are on someone elses time clock. To me that is horrific ! and insanely risky !!

      To put your life completely in the hands of someone esle? ....To spend your every waking hour in the employ of someone else...doing their bidding...helping them fullfill their dreams? .....

      Thats the biggest waste of time...and NOT a worthwhile goal :)

      You want TRUE security? ..the only way to achieve that is to take control of all the risk and then minimize do that by being in control of your own time...and you do being your own boss.

      Whether you have a degree or not is 100% irrelevant to your personal success as a business owner.

      The "Education" that you need, you can get on your own with the resources available at book stores and online.

      I say...go and tell him to be his own boss !

      good luck

    What can you do with an BA degree in business? Career wise?
    Need an idea because I want to pick the right thing when I go into my graduate school. Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    What kind of career/job can I get with a BA degree in Business Administration?

    • ANSWER:
      Open this:

    i work full time and i want my BA degree in business are there any legit colleges out there that I can do this
    do employers look down on that? Its just if i wuit work to go to school than i have barely any income (a part time job wont cover 2 kids a house a care payment bills ETC ETC) and i cant go to work and school full time becuase i have no help. what are my options here? also can i get a loan if i go to an online college?
    everyones missing the fact that even at night and weekends i have no one to watch my kids...please read the whole question

    • ANSWER:
      Congratulations on thinking about furthering your education, you won't regret it.

      The state universities and community colleges will be the best and least expensive way to further your education online. Usually degrees obtained online from state universities and colleges will be no different than a degree granted to a student sitting in class. You probably won't get a scholarship, but financial aid is possible.

      If you are just starting your college education or have less than 60 semester credit hours, try your local community college first. They may have an online AA degree program. If they don't, try other community colleges in your state.

      Once you have an AA degree, you can enroll in an online bachelor's degree completion program at one of the state universities. Many state universities now have online degrees. The following are some websites to get you started.

      When comparing tuition costs, you have to check if the school is on semester or quarter credit hours. To convert from quarter hours to semester hours, divide the tuition by 0.67. For example, if tuition is 0 per quarter credit hour, that is equal to 8.66 per semester credit hour.

      When you choose a school, make sure it is at least regionally accredited. You can check accreditation at You can learn more about accreditation at

      Finally, there are a couple of forums online with members who have obtained their degrees online. Some have gone pretty far with their online degrees. The forums are free to join but you can read the forum without joining. You just won't be able to post. and

      Edit: I did answer your question. Online programs at the community colleges will be your best option. There may be times where you will need to take a proctored exam on a campus of some type, but most of it will be you sitting at home studying or in front of your computer. You should also look into CLEP and DSST exams. Many colleges and universities accept these exams for course credit. You can learn more about CLEP at and you can learn more about DSST at CLEP and DSST will also be the least expensive way for you to earn college credit. I highly recommend that you visit the That online forum has many members who finished a college degree while working full-time or had family obligations that prevented them from attending traditional schools.

      Good luck

    Are there any online courses or home learning programs for Americans to attain their BA degree in business?

    • ANSWER:
      Several colleges and universitites offer on-line degree programs. Avoid private institutions, check with the local college or university in your area. Most good programs require at least some in-class participation.

      On the other hand if you are just looking for the "piece of paper" there are lots of degree mills that have little or no requirements other than $

    Does the university of florida have a BA degree for international business?

    • ANSWER:
      No we don't. You can check out our list of majors here:

      and minors here:

      BUT areas of specialization are found here: and there is a International one under College of Business Admin. You'd get a degree in Business but with a specialization in International Studies

      Hope that helps :)

    I have a BA degree in Non-Profit and Business Admininstration and how can I pursue a career in marketing?
    Would I need to go back to school and pursue another degree or can I be crossed trained in the field? Which city would be good for me to pursue this career?

    • ANSWER:
      Have worked at a Non-profit before? NPs have a lot of opportunities for communicators. Marketing Communications is one field you can transition into through just working for an NP.

      NPs - both secular and religious-based all have need for communications. You could work for an NP with a marketing or communication or marketing communication department. That's how you can gain experience and eventually move into marketing in for-profit. Or carve out a niche in NP marketing communications.

      NP marketing communications can be big business. Lots of NPs need good communication. Megachurches, for example, will hire marketing communication firms to help with marketing messages.

      Try finding a job at an NP. If they have a marketing position open, even better. If not, you'll be in a position to get your feet wet.

    How many years take to get a BA degree in business management in USA? what about masters? tanks?

    • ANSWER:
      It takes four years to get a BS or a BA in any field in the US -- going full time.

      Most MBA programs take two years going full time.

      You do not need a degree for tanks -- but you probably should join the army.

    is there a difference from getting a BA or MBA degree in business from a 4yr college or going to Dvry?
    Dvry is like a trade school for business. Instead or 4 yrs it takes 3yrs. But do employees look at that degree less, as to a 4yr college.

    • ANSWER:
      DeVry is not accredited by the same institution that accredites colleges and universities. If you wish to transfer any credit from DeVry, you will find it almost impossible. Most employers want degrees from traditional colleges and universities.

    SDSU, CSUN, or CSUF for Business Degree(BA)?
    Shawn here. I have a question regarding college. I had a list of colleges earlier, but now i've narrowed it down. I want to attend SDSU, CSUN, or CSUF for either Business or a degree in Computer Science. Which of the three has a better business program? Which out of the three has a better Computer Science program? I visited both Northridge and Fullerton and i loved both. Northridge is such a laid-back school, and i love the surrounding enviroment, a problem was that it was a little too hot. Fullerton, was pretty awesome as well, they have an excellent gym, the Titan House was just awesome. I have yet to visit SDSU, but i'd bet i'd love it there too. Which school should i attend?

    Do i have a chance at admission?

    By the end of my 11th grade year i should have a cumulative gpa from 10-11th grade of a 2.8-3.05, and a 1600 SAT score, how do my chances look?

    CAN'T DECIDE!! NEED TO DECIDE SOON I have less than a year!!
    Ranto i know you disdain CSU's with a passion but suck on these facts.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey I loved your additional comment! I hate that guy the way he puts down CSU's. He's such a snob!


      SDSU is really impacted, so the entrance GPA is higher than it used to be. I think you have a fantastic chance at getting into CSUN.

      I go to SDSU and I absolutely love it. I am a senior now!!! The campus is beautiful and I love my professors. However, I would absolutely LOVE to go to CSUF!!!! I didn't have the heart to move 100 miles from home to go there.

      SDSU is pretty awesome. CSUF is pretty super awesome, and it ranks really well. SDSU just got a million grant for the business program.

      If you love all three, I would say go for CSUF!

      Then SDSU, then CSUN.

      They're all great schools, but man Fullerton is so cool and I heard they have a great downtown!

      I love San Diego too. The city and the school.

      Tough decision! Here, I am going to find my old post about what I tell people who ask about SDSU and I'll add it here.

      As for student life, this is what I wrote for someone else's question about SDSU:

      I'm not living on campus. I transfered in, so I came in last year. I've known people who have lived on campus and enjoyed it. A lot of students live either in the immediate area or the beach. The immediate area, known as "college area" is like one big student community, so it doesn't feel like a commuter school. Area code 92115 is our dorm!

      I have enjoyed the classroom setting. I have never had a class of more than 80 students. I only took 2 lower division classes here, so I don't have too much personal experiences as a lower division student. There can be a lot of people in your intro courses, but that happens at lots of schools.

      I have learned a lot here. I have been challenged by my major . I feel I am getting a great education.

      It's a fun place, lots of student organizations. Lots of events. Explore SDSU happens in March of each year and it's a blast! There is the Border Voices Poetry Festival each spring as well and that is awesome!

      There is the Aztec recreation center with tons of new equipment and a huge indoor pool. You can go on nature trips with other students via Aztec Adventures and go on a day hike or a yoga retreat in Joshua Tree or even kayaking in Baja California!

      The library is awesome and there is a huge computer lab.

      We also have Cox Arena and Open Air Theatre on campus, and huge bands always play here.

      If you are not bringing a car, no worries. The trolley stops right underneath the university! Parking is insane, but you can park at Qualcomm Stadium for free so long as there aren't any events, or you can park at some other stations anf ride the trolley into campus and not worry about parking.

      Hey, good luck in your decision and if you choose SDSU, welcome and I hope you love it!

      Student life is pretty awesome here!

      Fraternity and Sororities are pretty big on campus. I chose the student organziation life though.

      I am considering CSUN for grad school. I don't know much about it. Here's the link to a youtube video about the school that made me pretty interested. I live too far to visit right now.

    what classes do i need to take before going into my BA degree in business in the state of florida?
    i currently go to a community college in chicago. i want to go here for two years to finish my cosmetology and get an AA in foreign languages for spanish. then i want to transfer to a university in florida. im not exactly sure where yet, but ive been looking for the general state requirements and cant find any info. so if i wanted to get a BA degree for business in florida, what courses do i need to take first?

    • ANSWER:
      You are going to need accounting (financial and managerial), economics (micro and macro), math through at least calculus and statistics (better take calc 2 and statistics 2 to be safe), business law, and principles of management and principles of marketing. Your distribution of general education courses are hard to predict without knowing the exact college. (I don't know how you will do this from a Spanish degree).

    Is a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business a bullshit degree?
    my friend just told me it is but i'd like some other opinions.

    • ANSWER:

    is the BA business management degree hard?
    for someone who has the average brain?

    all answers appreciated!!

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on which school you get it from. Some schools are harder than others (MIT, Harvard, Stanford). Some may require more essays/papers while others lean heavily on tests, and it would depend on which you are more comfortable with.

    Whats the best route to become an elementary school teacher if i already have a ba degree?
    I already have a BA degree in business administration which i got a year ago, but i have no interest in it anymore. Im considering getting a second BA in elementary school education which would only mean 30 more credits that i need to complete. I been rejected for the teaching fellowship and at the moment i dont have the grades for graduate school. (gpa is 2.5).

    • ANSWER:
      Check the Department of Education in your state and see if they have an Alternative Route to certification. My experience has been that it requires a summer of coursework and you then have your teaching certification. It's just as valid as getting one in the more traditional way.

    Is business administration a good degree to get?
    If I were to go to college and get a BA degree in business administration, would that be a good idea?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, that is a good degree to get. You'll have flexibility when searching for a job in the future. Almost every kind of business will need people with Business Admin backgrounds, so you can look for a job in the field you prefer. Plus, you can always get a Master's in Business Admininstration (MBA).

    What jobs ar available with a degree (BA) in Media and Business?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated, but please be constructive with your posts and don't leave stupid ignorant remarks about how I should've done something else...

    • ANSWER:
      Actually it is intelligent and informed to tell you that you wasted 4 years and ,000+.


      Something entry level that states in the job requirements simply "a bachelor degree". You need a lot of experience to pair with those degrees. The path you chose doesn't open up any specific or hard to open doors.

      Go back to school for a specific/specialized masters degree in what you really want to do . . . that will open up specific doors for you. That would be ,000 well spent. (don't just get a general MBA)

      It is time to decide what you really want to do and set up a plan to get there with experience or a Masters degree. That would have been easier, faster, and cheaper if you did this 4 years ago, but you are where you are, and it is time to find some direction.

    what job should a deaf person with a BA degree in business and have a felon record look for work?
    what compnay should I apply for
    I am getting discouraged because I am at the low level it the only job I can find that will accept me because of my deafness and felony record
    keyword "DEAF" "FELON "

    • ANSWER:
      Hi NK,

      First, don't get discouraged. I applaud you for making yourself useful, finding a job and getting on with your life.

      On the conditions of your charges, were you told that you cannot seek employment working with children? People? Find out first from the courts what restrictions placed on you before applying for employment. After all the time spent looking and landing a job, you have to be very careful. You don't want to get tossed out from work the very next day you started, right?

      I suggest you contact your local agency that serves the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and find out if they have employment counsellor. I feel you should talk with one ASAP, and they can tell you more what law restrictions you may have and what jobs in your area you can apply for. Get started right now....

      There are many good bosses out there. I had an employer who allowed a man, released from jail after serving 9 years for manslaughter, to work with us. We didn't know anything about the guy's background at all and my boss didn't provide us any information. My boss was cool and worked hard with to bring that guy around and into a model employee. After all, he was charged when he was a teenager, so there were some things about life and work he didn't know about. I ordered him out of my office one time after we got into a shouting match. There were times I just wanted to deck that guy, but in all the years I worked with him, I didn't know a thing about his background. Good thing my boss made us a grand working team the day after our fight, otherwise hell would have blown over at that place! Just pray you get an understanding employer.

      Click the sites, below, to find out what jobs are out there, and talk with your job counsellor and ask if you can apply for any of the opportunities:

      Deaf Jobs:
      Simply Hired:
      Deaf Professional Network: (click "careers")
      Deaf Times: (click "Recent News" for news...they sometimes post jobs there)
      Yahoo Jobs: (type keyword "Deaf" and a list will appear)

      Best wishes!

    How long would it take me to get a different college degree if I already have a BA in Business Admin?
    I have a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I am thinking about going back to school to get a completely different degree. Seeing as though I have all of my core classes out of the way and then some. How long would I have to go back to school to get a different degree?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't bother getting another BA -go straight to grad school. In 2 years you can have a degree in the field of your choice. It no longer matters what field your undergraduate degree was in order to move in a new direction with an MA. (This is assuming you are not going into a technical/science field like engineering.)

    Would a BA or MA in Business Management be a suitable degree to apply to law school with?
    I previously asked a questions on whether an AA in Paralegal Studies would help me become a lawyer and I was quickly told no and that you need at least a BA "with a major in history, business or finance." So is a BA in Business Management suitable as a BA in Business?

    • ANSWER:

      Yes, a BA in Business Management would be a fine degree to apply to law school with. In actuality, just about any four-year degree is suitable to apply to law school with--you are not limited to history, business, or finance. In addition, a bachelor's degree (BA) is sufficient; you are not expected to have a Master's (MA) degree.

      Although there are certainly "traditional" majors that students interested in eventually pursuing law undertake (economics, political science, history, etc.), there is no one "perfect" major when it comes to preparing you for law school. Almost any academic subject is a fine choice. There are some majors (particularly those that aren't strongly academic, such as the arts) that may place you at a slight disadvantage but, even so, plenty of students in those fields get admitted to law school every year.

      The key is not so much what you major in but, rather, what you do within your major. Aim to do the following:

      1. Pick a major that will require a lot of reading- and research-intensive classes. This will not only prepare you for law classes (which themselves are incredibly research- and reading-heavy), but it will also demonstrate to schools, when you apply, that you can handle the academic load of law school. Any of the majors you mentioned as interesting fall into this category. If you choose to instead major in something like photography, theater, or visual arts, try to take at least some of your non-major classes in predominantly academic subject, and be prepared to explain exactly why you feel law school is a good career path for you in your law school applications.

      2. Keep an upward grade trend throughout college. This means that your grades either get stronger as you go through school, or start off strong and remain there for all 4 years of college. Most law schools will want to see GPAs of 3.5 or above (the closer you can get to a 4.0, the better). If you get a B during your freshman year, it's not a deal-breaker; your focus should be to keep your grades as high as you can get them.

      3. Take a challenging class load: Intro classes are okay for freshman and (maybe) sophomore year, but once you get to junior and senior year, your focus should be on upper-level classes and seminars that allow you to really hone in and focus on your specific interests within the major. And, as always, keep your grades up throughout.

      There are other things that you should consider doing in order to create the most advantageous law school applicant profile possible:

      1. Establish rapport with your college professors (particularly during your junior and senior years). You can do this by attending office hours, working for them as a research assistant, and talking to them after class. They will be the ones writing your letters of recommendation, and will only be able to write effective, overwhelmingly positive ones is if they have specific, anecdotal knowledge of you and can favorably compare you to other students in your class.

      2. Work on your extracurriculars. Don't worry about being a part of 30 student groups; instead, focus on 2 or 3. Become a part and get involved during your freshman and sophomore years, and then obtain leadership positions in them during your junior and senior years.

      3. Take the LSAT either the summer after junior year or the fall of your senior year of college. This will allow you to get the LSAT out of the way and apply as early in the admissions cycle as possible, which is incredibly beneficial to your overall chances.

      4. Research law schools and become familiar with their LSAT and GPA requirements, as well as their acceptance percentages. A great place to start is the LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools:

      I hope this was helpful! Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions; I'm happy to answer them!

    Can I get a Masters degree in Interior Design while having my BA in International Business Management?
    I have a BA in International Business Management and right now have a job with an interior designer, marketing for her. I started taking some classes in interior design to see how I like it and find I really love the field. Do I need to go back for a second bachelors in interior design and then get my masters or can I just get a masters with the degree I have?

    • ANSWER:
      You might be able to get away with getting your masters in interior design. Call the universities in your area to see if they offer a masters degree in interior design and ask what the requirements are. It might be that you just have to take a few more undergrad classes in order to qualify for admission into the masters program, but I think you should be okay. Good luck! I hope you are able to get your masters without any trouble!

    what is a better degree a BA in Business admin or Economics in terms of starting salary?

    • ANSWER:
      "Ballin" is full of it. Economics is one of the highest-earning undergraduate majors. It pays more (on average) than some engineering degrees. Business administration is a lot further down the list. Of course that's no guarantee that one particular business administration job will pay less than one particular economics job, but economics is a much, much better choice overall.

    I have a BA degree and have lots of years experience in business but don't have a teachers degree, can I teach?
    I have a great deal of experience dealing with youth, I am bilingual English/Spanish, a professional translator and would like to teach in the inner city of KC,MO. What could I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Most teaching positions are pretty competitive. The things you've heard about a teacher shortage are not true. There are tons of qualified teachers who can't get jobs. But there are a few fields that are in demand. Since you are bilingual and have experience with youth, you can probably work on an emergency certification that would get you hired in an inner city school for the next school year, but you'll have to work on your official teacher certificate while you work. You should ask the districts that you are interested in for advice on "alternative entry" programs that will put you on the right track. You cannot simply apply to a school and get a job without any certification. Also, to get an emergency certification as a bilingual teacher, you will have to pass an exam showing proficiency in English and Spanish, so you have to be really bilingual (which as a professional translator, I'm sure you are).

      I might advice you against all of this however as the majority of teachers- slightly over 50% of them- all leave the profession altogether within the first five years because it is a miserable job. It is worst in the inner city, though in my opinion the recently immigrated bilingual kids are the best behaved so you have that going for you.

      If I were you, I would work as a substitute teacher for a few months in the inner city and go to all sorts of schools and grades. This will let you know what it is like a little bit. In my experience, I'd worked with young people in several programs as well as taught primary school overseas for a few years and even still I was shocked by the behavior of American kids in the inner city. Then, as a teacher, I was shocked by the behavior of parents, the huge workload, and the absolute lack of support from anyone. It was a hopeless, miserable job, and I've been much happier since I went into a different profession.

    Ive got a BA Degree in Business Studies(maj Finance). Would this be sufficient enough 2do an MSc in Economics?
    I've taken about 4/5 economics modules

    • ANSWER:
      Well why not contact the universities you are interested in and ask them? different instituitions will have different requirements.

    What all entry-level jobs can you I get with my Business Administration Degree?
    My BA degree mostly covers general business and does not cover a concentration. I've been trying for 5 years to find in that field of study and have failed misreably, but I've been trying like crazy and still can't land a job

    • ANSWER:
      If you have been trying for five years, then you must know all of the entry level positions that are available within a company.

      Have you tried going back to school or broadening your search criteria to include out of city or even out of state employment opportunities. That would be more beneficial than me listing countless entry level positions within a company.

    B.S.B.A Degree or BA in International Business Management?
    I'm planning to study abroad at Webster University Thailand after high school and I was wondering if I should get a BA in Business Administration or a BA in International Business Management. I'm planning to live and work in Thailand after I graduate so I was wondering which degree would be more suitable If I'm planning to work in Thailand.

    • ANSWER:

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